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But the embrace of computer audio heralds a brave new
world. It wants more cost-effective convenience,
integration, performance and lifestyle cosmetics. Here
active should have a real future. Unlike pro speakers still
attempting to court consumers—Genelec comes to
mind—the Manger MSMs1 is fully house-broken already.
Its sticker reads stiff only until you ask how to secure
equivalent performance for the same money the
traditional route. It's close to impossible. That doesn't
minimize this sticker. It simply pushes returns to the max.
what makes it smart modern hifi at its finest.
Should you still need a 'sound in a nutshell' takeaway to
condense all of the above in one easy sketch, it'd be 'B-
squared' Quads (= balls x bandwidth). Even the
concentrically outward rippling sound propagation of their
flat membranes is similar.
: If you've read this for pure entertainment and edification because you're not in
the market, I still recommend you spend some Manger coin. I'm talking of their
Music wie von einem anderen Stern
(Music as though from a different star).
It's a 15-track test CD or LP that'll really take your system through its paces. And it
does so with brilliant music and inspired performances rather than slamming garage
doors and such...
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