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Depending on frequency,
bending-wave widebanders like the German Physik Walsh-
the Nai
and the Goebel operate with one diaphragm but different
modes. These span the gamut from Small/Thiele resonant parameters, pistonic
operation, bending wave operation and modal break-up. What happens in the
transition zones? By strategic changes in their diaphragm's thickness, more
conventional dynamic widebanders like the Jordan mechanically decouple their dust-
cap lookalike so it articulates like a tweeter. High frequencies originate just in the
middle, lower frequencies involve the entire surface. How about the Manger?
The teenage kids in
The Good Wife
TV series
wondered about their philandering
political father and his hooker. Did that involve a three-way or a threesome? With
the dual voice-coil Manger, are we dealing with a twosome which instead of an
electrical filter involves a clever mechanical segregation? Since it's sans suspension—
no rubber surround, no spider—how does it manage ±3.5mm of excursion for boffo
power handling when a Lowther
suspension only manages ±1mm? And is a
notch filter which adds gain still a notch filter? At 1.600Hz, the Manger's geometry
suffers some small inter-diaphragm phase cancellation. This requires a minor
narrow-band active compensatory boost of analog equalization.
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