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Because the speaker is meant for the living room as well as recording studio, it's deliberately compact (21.4cm shallow,
139.9cm tall, 27cm wide). It's timelessly attractive without popular concessions to audiophile bling and excess. And it's
available standard in all RAL colors with a semi -matte finish as well as texturized Nextel. For an expected surcharge with
longer lead times, there's also high-gloss lacquer and even fine wood veneers. As a small firm with five full -time employees,
Manger commits to going the extra mile to satisfy special customer requirements.
Let's take quick stock of certain implications.
With a perfectionist single-diaphragm tweeter/midrange driver matured over
decades and capable of 80Hz—we still get to mor e of its special virtues—Manger suffers the where-to-go-from-her e
syndrome like Devialet. In their active speaker model, the only variables to consider are bass extension and loudness
potential. How many paralleled woofers, how big of a single. For cosmetic reasons there might have to be a floorstander and
monitor. Voilà, MSM c1 and s1. The Manger itself is constant. Its diameter predetermines width. Electromechani cal and
acoustical properties predetermine the ideal box volume behind it. Another constant. The active concept allows for a certain
amount of equalization on the woofer. There's no rationale for multiple models if a single one goes sufficiently low and lo ud
for 99% of all potential users. At 30Hz and 106dB before its opto-coupled limiters kick in, the s1 is and does. Another
constant. Yawn?
In an industry where novelty
and short product cycles play
hookers and Johns, constancy
and short catalogues do equate
to yawn. That's one challenge.
Given a weird high-end market
whose shoppers don't see the
wisdom in active drive with
tailor-made amps, another is the
demand for passive models. By
necessity those can't be as good
as their active peers. Here
engineer's focus on excellence.
In short, this catalogue will
never be deep nor feature
novelties above the waist where
the MSW lives. So no short-lived
fashion here. That's the small
print as I read it. Back on the
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