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"By request however we can provide Mogami-based XLR-XLR or RCA-to-XLR cables to help interface a customer's
cinch or balanced preamp/variable source outputs with our XLR inputs. The two green LEDs at the base are for
power and output limiters. By request we can bypass the latter with a jumper at the factory. But they are never in
the signal path to begin with since we use optocouplers. When the right LED turns red, it means the limiters are
clamping down. Their attack thresholds and release times are different for the MSW and woofer but the latter will
always limit first. We specify about 106 to 110dB of sound pressure levels before these limiters engage.
The geometry of the MSW
and its relatively large voice coil imply a
given amount of directivity. This means that the response in the time
domain isn't completely linear. Instead it forms somewhat of an 'S'
shape. My dad always knew this behavior to be a small compromise
inherent to his design. Ever since he had looked for a solution. In 2000 we
introduced the retrofittable
waveguide to address this
imperfection. By increasing the path length of radiation for half the
membrane area that is shadowed by the device, the summed output at
the ear makes for a flatter rise time without the intermediary 'S' step.
With a mechanical acoustic device like our MSW, one cannot pre-
equalize for this behavior in the electronic domain. One must do it on
'this' side of the driver as an added accessory and verify the scope of
improvement for oneself to decide whether it's desired or not. A pair of
removable Holoprofiles is €400.
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