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"To my own ears the contours, shapes and outlines of
the virtual performers increase in precision with the
Holoprofile where precision from any lack of stored
energy already is one of
outstanding qualities of
the time-correct Manger driver. This add-on wave
guide simply improves it further. Focus gets better.
That's like removing small shadows in a magnifying
glass when you hit upon the perfect bioptic
"The MSW amp is a bridged Mosfet affair with 250kHz
bandwidth to fully exploit the excellent treble
performance of our driver. The SpeakOn connector for
the external parallel-connected LF module became a
now defunct carryover from the upgradeable monitor
version [standard MSMc1 at right, c1 + optional LF
module at far right]. This connector will disappear with
our next batch of electronic modules for the
"My dad's first patent dates back to 1969 which was
for his unique voice coil. Later he realized that focusing
on a woofer wasn't the right way to solve this time-
response problem of a driver. This led him to the
bending-wave driver by 1974 which began a long slow
development of raw driver sales and prototyping
complete speakers. In 1978 he developed the S05 or
speaker which was a UFO-shaped
system with one driver in the front and one in the
From Josef Manger's US patent US4268719 for the Diskus 4MSW
"That's when he still believed that his
driver could work as a full-range unit when
loaded into the proper enclosure. Whilst
the Diskus worked just as predicted, the
market didn't embrace it. It simply was too
The driver's poor 76dB efficiency
First true success for the Manger driver
began in the early 90s. By then the MSW
had achieved 86dB. This also forced us to
scale up its overall power handling, the
mechanical robustness of the voice coil and
such. Our first motor systems had been
based on Samarium Cobalt magnets. Later
we used Neodymium magnets when those
became available. This rare-earth magnet
type has undergone continuous power
Manger Di skus as seen
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