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"That is nicely reflected in the latest iteration of the MSW
as the most efficient unit we've yet built. We
manufacture the driver in our German facilities and the
cabinetry and electronics too are sourced from within
Today we find that the type of customer
primed for our
solution might be an audiophile intent on downsizing not
system quality but
; or someone who is getting
into computer audio where volume-equipped DACs are
getting quite commonplace; and finally regular readers of
pro-audio magazines who already grasp the technical
superiority of active speakers. We also have many clients
in acoustic research facilities as well as studios and
concert halls and were recently awarded a patent for a
new microphone design that should open further doors. I
would like to think that this is where pro audio and high-
end begin to overlap and where established companies
like ourselves, Bryston/PMC, Genelec, Klein & Hummel
and others are making inroads. It's often the younger
generation who wants a minimalist modern hifi/video
system with great sound and comprehensive
functionality that's still compact, simple and attractive.
For full-range undistorted performance within a compact
form factor, those demands make active drive near
Being no engineer or fluent in wave propagation
dynamics, I remained rather
mystified—once Daniela and Markus had departed. My
head couldn't wrap itself around how a diaphragm might
freely bend and not just stretch in the absence of any
mechanical suspension.
But I was left with a very strong engineering focus on time-domain fidelity, point-source behavior and lack of energy
storage in the actual makeup of this unique transducer. I was suspicious too that at the end of the day the
operation of this device—across its entire bandwidth—remains a more complex less linear affair on amplitude and
radiation pattern than any polemic would admit. The earlier laser interferometry images certainly suggest a
surprisingly broad array of diaphragm patterns or radiation
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