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rofessional audio manufacturer enters the
completely different world of common li-
ving rooms – this is the essence of what
Daniela Mangers latest design is all about. In his
article on the Manger MSMc1 (HIFI-STARS No.
3) my colleague and chief editor Winfried Dunkel
has already told the whole story about the Manger
active studio monitor. Now it’s my turn to intro-
duce you to a new Manger creation, the MSMs1.
Without any doubt the most eye-catching feature
of this loudspeaker is the Manger sound trans-
ducer. It works according to the bending-wave
principle similar to an inverted ear (for further in-
sight you might take a look at the principle of the
basilar membrane). On the edge of the membrane
the system employs an effective aperiodic mechan-
ical damping – the famous „Manger star“. Due to
its design the bending-wave transducer produces
an almost coloration-free sound and depicts each
instruments characteristics in a most natural way.
The technical background of the system is very
complex and therefore explanations shall remain
excluded from this article as I am no (health) phy-
Floorstanding Active Loudspeaker Manger Reference Active MSMs1
A different style of listening
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