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The Manger transducer reproduces music and
other sonic events with almost no time-lag. An
extremely fast rise time of 13 microseconds and a
frequency response of 80 Hz to 40 kHz are part
of the reason why even rapid transients and com-
plex musical structures evolve naturally from a sin-
gle center. The realistic spatial imaging of instru-
ments results in an extremely explicit resolution of
musical details. These really demanding require-
ments can only be met by fast driven systems. For
the Reference Active MSMs1 graduate engineer
Daniela Manger uses two integrated analog power
amplifiers. The amplifier driving the bending wave
system has 180 watts RMS and 250 kHz band-
width to offer, which results in a rise time of a
mere two (!) microseconds. According to the pro-
duct description this fast acceleration speed is nec-
essary to preserve the quality between the small
signal (preamplifier output) and large signal
(power amplifier output). The amplifier driving
the woofer provides healthy 250 watts and a dam-
ping factor of >200. As a result the electronics are
capable to control the chassis perfectly which re-
sults in excellent impulse response.
The new Manger 2-way active loudspeaker is sur-
prisingly easy to integrate into almost any living
room. Plus it has the so-called WAF (for those of
us not being married: wife acceptance factor).
With dimensions of 44.9” x 10.6” x 8.3” / 114 x
27 x 21 cm (H x W x D) its closed system fits real-
ly well into modern living environments. Closed
systems, due to their construction, do avoid many
problems other principles bring along with them,
e.g. standing waves caused by bass reflex ports. An
important advantage. The MSMs1 is beautifully
crafted and weighs respectable 106 lbs/48 kg a
piece. Therefore it stands solidly on whatever kind
of floor you may have. If required, conical spikes
can be attached to the bottom side to reduce the
area of contact. For this review the speakers were
seated flat on the carpeting of the listening room
which resulted in perfect acoustics. No spikes were
needed. As Manger recommends a minimum
room size of 60 sq. ft./20 qm all I had to do in my
120 sq. ft./40 qm room was aligning the transduc-
ers to my listening position. The basic color of the
tested monitors, called „basalt metallic silk mat”,
has a smooth and pleasant touch that visually ori-
ented people will love. The finish looks perfect
and conveys an almost „erotic” touch. On request
the MSMs1 is available in all RAL colors as well as
in Nextel
-Suede Coating and Ultra High Gloss at
a surcharge.
The loudspeaker chassis’ are mounted behind the
38 mm front panel in two separate chambers re-
enforced on the sides by 22 mm medium density
fiberboards (MDF). This effectively avoids acou-
stic interference between the two systems. Roun-
ded edges reduce diffractions to a minimum. The
whole mechanical construction is very rigid and
strong. The amplifiers are seated at the bottom in
the back of the enclosure where they can fully
unfold their potential without influencing the driv-
ers. They are equipped with a 230 V power cord
socket and balanced XLR connectors. In addition
a plethora of adjustments can be made which will
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