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After that I programmed some of my favorite
songs into the CD player and continued the ses-
sion. Track 11 „Isn’t She Lovely” by Livingston
Taylor made me push the repeat button and turn
up the volume almost automatically. Never before
did the whistling of the singer sound so clean.
„Amazing” says it all.
Some years ago I had been trying to find out the
differences between some preamplifier tubes by
listening to Stings „Brand New Day” for hours
and hours. And I never listened to this CD ever
since. Until now. How would it sound? Well, Sting
is becoming one of my favorites again and I like
him even better singing and playing through the
Manger transducers.
„In Concert” recorded by the Jan Garbarek
Group in October 2007 at the „Alter Schlacht-
hof ” in Dresden thrilled my ears. The recording is
meant to sound that spectacular and the MSMs1
made clear to which extent the sound engineers
had reached their goal.
A recording of Jocelyn B. Smith and her band
from 2003 is next in line. With „jo-jo“ all the
strong and mellow facets of her voice unfold in
the room. Compact and rich sounds enthrall the
listener. With track 2 „The Lady is A Tramp” my
feet start tapping right away. Extremely tight big
band passages threaten to overrun me. I’m sitting
in the front row while the musicians play at their
best. What a treat!
Even at higher volumes listening to the Manger
MSMs1 is absolutely stress-free. And higher vol-
umes mean up to 116 dB maximum output level ...
To really understand what I am talking about, you
must hear the Manger Reference Active with your
own ears! Its fidelity of reproduction and its al-
most merciless directness are simply unsurpassed.
John Lee Hooker’s album „The Healer” with Car-
los Santana originates from the good old days of
uncompressed studio recordings, in this case from
1989. Anyone with a liking for this record should
at least have heard it once through the Manger
transducers. The essence of this CD will embrace
you, I promise. OK, this is not going to end in an
ode to the MSMs1, but the sonic reproduction of
this loudspeaker is so perfect and consistent that
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