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you must have heard it to believe it.
The album „The Cactus of Knowledge” by Rabih
Abou-Khalil could serve as another example. This
recording, made by radio station WDR Cologne, is
pretty „honest”, too. Track 3 starts with a cello
which is soon joined by the oud of Rabih Abou-
Khalil. The arabic-moorish oud (arabic: `ûd) is the
predecessor of the occidental lute (span: la úd)
and exhibits plenty of tonal intricacies – i.e. rapid
transients and delicate tonal variations from coarse
to melodic – which are extremely difficult to re-
produce for conventional loudspeakers. The
MSMs1 solves the task with surprising ease. It’s
the seamless, fast-as-lightning, coherent reproduc-
tion delivered so naturally that enthralls the listen-
er time and again.
This listening session ends with one of the refer-
ence CDs of our editorial staff: „Argentina” by
Sexteto Mayor. In particular fascinating is the last
track with bandoneon, piano and violin – from the
era of uncompressed, unmodified masterings. An
acoustic tour de force for the Manger transducer
and a sonic delicacy for the listener.
Some Tubes for Dessert?
Imagine two audio critics grinning broadly and
deeply enjoying their successful experiment! We
had tried to connect the Reference Active MSMs1
via cinch-XLR-adapter to an unbalanced tube pre-
amplifier and it worked. (There are balanced tube
preamps with XLR connectors available on the
market, we know, but...) Thanks to the premium
preamplifier of our „chief engineer” Klaus Sigl
and two „Excelsior” Sommer cinch cables (2 m
each) we could surrender to the „hot-blooded kiss
of the midrange” and the „smooth and silky touch
throughout the treble range” after all. I swear, the
Sigl tube preamplifier is a real powerhouse that
sparkles with vitality and elegance. And the Refe-
rence Active MSMs1 depicts every nuance of its
character with utmost fidelity. As far as imaging,
resolution and velocity are concerned the Manger
MSMs1 is definitely superior to other loudspeaker
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