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Manger‘s z1 compact passive speaker is not a typical all-rounder – and it dispenses
with any gimmickry. A drawback? Quite the contrary: hi-fi fans can enjoy a congenial,
straightforward-truthful loudspeaker that fascinates by its enormous fidelity.
Test: Alexandros Mitropoulos
s the z1 is only about 20“
high, audio fans will wonder
how to set up the new
Manger speaker. It‘s too low to be
placed on the floor (the famous
Manger Sound Transducer must be
positioned on ear-level) and a flimsy
shelf won’t probably be strong
enough to securely support the 57
lbs speaker. “Thanks for the hint,”
responds Daniela Manger, manager
of the loudspeaker company from
Mellrichstadt, “I will tell our carpentry
to design suitable stands.”
Lo and behold, our tester is dealing
with a manufacturer of high-end
products who’s not only pleasant but
also listens to constructive criticism.
And of course, the stand will match
the selected finish of the speakers,
which are also available in wooden
veneer, high-gloss lacquer and
other variations at a surcharge.
But even the basic version of the
z1 which comes with a silk-matt
makeup in freely selectable RAL
colors already cuts a good figur.
Our perfectly finished white z1
test pair looks high-class and
reminds us of the p1 floorstanding
loudspeaker (test in AUDIO 11/13).
And the similarities of the duo
go beyond the looks. Since the
cabinet of the compact model
is deeper, it features the same
volume as the floorstanding
version. Even the same chassis
are used: Frequencies up to 350
hertz are handled by a conventional
20” bass-mid driver manufactured
by Scan-Speak. There were good
reasons for choosing a pretty high
crossover frequency. This way
the rather small efficiency factor
of older versions of the Manger
transducer could be increased by a
few decibels to a perfect level.
For the same reason the most
current evolutionary step of this
special transducer uses several
powerful neodymium magnets
which are arranged in a circle on
the back – just in case. Even so
the z1 still won’t be able to shatter
your walls. Because that’s not what
it’s made for. Like the first sound
transducer from Mellrichstadt the
z1 is built for optimum impulse
fidelity. It all begins with a cunning
driver system which mainly consists
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Room Size
Flexible wall distance.
Angle: between 45 and 60
degrees, depending on the
listening distance.
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