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If the highest
virtues of a
studio monitor
are signal
fidelity and a
pure, natural
then the
MSMc1 is one
of the most
virtuous of its
With the large number of monitor tests
performed by
Professional audio Maga-
since its inception, you could be for-
given for thinking that our testers might
at some point just sit, numbed and
bored, in front of the speaker systems
to be tested, thinking “Been here before,
heard that before”. But despite the feel-
ing of having tested a thousand speak-
ers, this is really not the case. It’s always
interesting to discover with your own
ears what the latest studio loudspeakers
have to offer in terms of sound quality.
And the surprises are generally positive.
For example, with the new and very rea-
sonably priced Samson Resolv monitors
that we tested in Issue 2/2009. Not to
mention the excellent representatives in
this field, such as the Geithain MO-2 or
the current reference model at
sional audio Magazin
, the KRK EB8 Ex-
posé. And still we secretly dream of the
ultimate transducer, that loudspeaker of-
by Harald Wittig
Manger MSMc1
Professional audio Magazin 3/2009
Translated to english and copyright by: Manger Products, Industriestrasse 17, D-97638 Mellrichstadt, Tel. +49 9776 9816, Fax +49 9776 5925, eMail:
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