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fering unmatched signal fidelity, impulse
behaviour, precision in time and phase
to transcend the act of listening back to
its natural state. A candidate possibly
capable of achieving this is the Manger
MSMc1, the first amplified studio moni-
tor from this highly respected loud-
speaker manufacturing company based
in Mellrichstadt in Germany’s Franco-
nia. Thanks to its unique Manger sound
transducer, developed by the company’s
founder Josef W. Manger, the MSMc1
is destined to achieve reference quality
status and offer an unadulterated, scru-
pulously exact depiction of sound reality
to the listener’s ear instead of an ap-
proximate detailed blueprint. But this is
a claim made by just about every loud-
speaker manufacturer today and they
all go their own way in trying to achieve
the ideal sound of an absolutely neutral
studio loudspeaker. In the case of the
MSMc1 Manger relies on its own leg-
endary patented developments, indi-
vidual components of the highest quality
and manufacturing exclusively in Ger-
many. In view of all this, at first glance,
the high cost per pair of around 7500
euros seems almost moderate, as the
price for top-of-the-range loudspeakers
can exceed this many times over, as hi-fi
enthusiasts know to their cost! But let’s
have a closer look at the MSMc1 and fo-
cus particularly on the special features of
its technology.
It all began with the ear
The first thing that stands out when
looking at the front of this rather un-
pretentious, but elegantly styled moni-
tor, is the obvious trademark, the
star-shaped Manger sound transducer.
Almost 25 years ago, in 1985 to be ex-
act, Josef Manger began production of
the sound transducer bearing his name.
This is a so-called bending-wave trans-
ducer, which in simple terms is a broad-
band sound transducer that reproduces
music and other sound events without
any delay. The more than 30 years of
research work is based on the follow-
ing realization: even the most beauti-
ful sound starts with a noise, with the
so-called initial transient to be more
• Three-dimensional spatial representation
• Outstanding impulse behaviour
• Excellent selectivity
• Highest signal fidelity/neutrality
• First-class finishing
The Manger MSMc1 is one of the best
nearfield monitors on the market. Spatial
representation, impulse behaviour and the
highest signal fidelity are unmatched.
Manger MSMc1
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