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spite of a possible displacement of + 3.5
millimetres. The special arrangement of
this double voice coil, patented by Man-
ger in 1969, also provides considerable
suppression of natural resonance.
The unit is driven by 15 neodymium mag-
nets of the highest quality, arranged in
a circle behind the membrane and the
double voice coil. They generate a very
strong magnetic field of 1.32 Tesla at an
air gap of no more than 0.95 millimetres
in width, thus ensuring the unusually fast
rise time, meaning that the MSW can ef-
fortlessly follow even the fastest tran-
sients. Attentive readers will already have
noticed that the MSW is supplemented
with a conventional woofer-midrange
driver. This is responsible for all frequen-
cies below 250 Hz, above this level the
Manger transducer operates on its own.
According to the company’s boss Daniela
Manger (this university graduate engi-
neer is the head of Manger Products and
manages the company along the same
lines as her father did), this cut-off fre-
quency was necessary to exclude any
increased harmonic distortion at high
volume levels. It wasn’t always just no-
torious critics of earlier Manger speakers
who complained about a certain weak-
ness at high volumes. In other words: it
might sound great, but it can’t be played
loud. Be that as it may, the woofer-mid-
range speaker has a lightweight and
torsionally rigid membrane made of a
fibreglass-polyester sandwich construc-
tion and it is claimed that it features ex-
act bass reproduction. For reasons of
reproduction precision, Manger deliber-
ately selected an sealed design in order
to exclude from the outset any effective
smearing that happens in some bass-re-
flex speakers.
The MDF cabinet accommodates two
analog power amps producing more than
enough power, made in Germany just like
all of the other MSMc1 components. An
impressive 250 watts for the woofer and
180 watts for the tweeter pack a hefty
performance punch. The large toroidal
transformers are a special design, the
power amps are installed discreetly and
all components are of the highest quality
according to Manger.
This volume of performance calls for
large transformers and results in a fair
weight. Coming in at 30 kilograms, the
MSMc1 is a bit of a heavyweight that is
The MSMc1 LF Module (shown connected here) is
a passive subwoofer available as an optional extra
that takes the load off the fitted woofer unit, re-
sulting in an actual increase in performance espe-
cially at high listening volumes.
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