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a three-dimensional image of the actual
room dimensions for the listener’s ear,
but also manages to reproduce those
peculiar tonal changes or sound modu-
lations typical of concert halls. For ex-
ample the Altiverb 6 impulse response of
the great hall of the Babelsberg film or-
chestra is one of our declared favourites
Professional audio Magazin
for concert
guitar recordings. The reason for this be-
comes immediately apparent with the
Manger. This virtual reverberant cham-
ber offers a certain softness and has a
subtle reverberation, which is clearly au-
dible with a top-class reproduction unit
such as this. The trebles in particular are
smoothed and the sound is very silky
and sleek. Even new-style guitar play-
ers with their crystal-clear touch sound
more lyrical in a post-romantic style. It is
truly amazing how the sound develops in
the room, although it is a pure DAW mix.
Particularly sound engineers specialis-
ing in audiophile classical recordings will
come to love the MSMc1 as they can hear
exactly what they have recorded: the in-
strument, the room and their own favou-
rite microphones – no more and no less.
Even the effect of sound-creating plug-
ins, not to mention hardware effects, are
depicted by the monitor with a precision
that reveals even the finest nuances. For
example, the Twin Tube plug-in from SPL
(tested in this Issue, Page 82) can dem-
onstrate its full potential. On the whole
the effect actually provides one of our
arrangements with the promised tube
The end of the stereo triangle
The thirst for development is apparently never
satisfied at Manger. There is no other reason-
able explanation for the development of the
so-called Holoprofil, a transparent synthetic
cover for the MSW sound transducer. Basically
this inconspicuous accessory costing around
400 euros per pair is designed to create a
“hologram-type reproduction”, irrespective
of the listening position even outside of the
famous sweet spot. It is claimed that the Holo-
profil solves the age-old problem of the stereo
triangle. As soon as the listener moves away
from the ideal listening position at the peak of
the stereo triangle, where the zero axes of the
loudspeakers intersect, the stereophonic spa-
tiality effect deteriorates, localization becomes
more and more indistinct and the phantom
centre seems more and more instable. After
comprehensive tests and investigations, Josef
W. Manger discovered an explanation for this
phenomenon, claiming that it was caused by a
design fault in the driver of every loudspeaker.
All information obtained from the input signal
was already completely depicted by just one
half of the membrane surface area. The other
half of the membrane simply provides a rep-
etition of the input signal. Manger calls this
a “shadowy counterimage”. This peculiarity
means that not only two loudspeakers have
to be brought into alignment at the listening
position, but four auditory images (two per
speaker driver), which is apparently a physical
impossibility. The listener, moving away from
the peak of the stereo triangle, would cause
repeated displacement of these auditory im-
ages and the result would be a continual blur-
ring of the spatiality.
The Holoprofil that Manger supplies together
with an alignment template (see photo),
claims to offer a solution to this phenomenon.
Fitted directly on top of the MSW, it covers
around a half of the membrane surface. The
complete membrane diameter remains avail-
able to generate the sound pressure, but at
the same time the “shadowy counterimage” is
But does this, not exactly inexpensive ac-
cessory, actually work? After long and full
discussions we believe that this plastic cover
has rather a delicate effect on the reproduc-
tion behaviour of the MSW. The treble range,
but also medium frequencies, appear to be
slightly less colourful. This effect however only
becomes apparent when the listener moves
his listening position sideways. If he remains
sitting in his usual position, the one used for
the alignment of the Manger monitors, then
the effect is negligible. A minimum increase in
spatiality and a further improvement in selec-
tivity could certainly be determined. Anyone
with a particular interest, especially in view of
the fact that the MSMc1 is already outstanding
in spatial representation and in differentiating
sound events, could certainly consider buying
or testing them.
The Holoprofil is aligned to the MSW exactly using
a template that is fitted with a spirit level for fine
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